Toxic Mold

West Palm Beach Toxic Mold Attorney

Our West Palm Beach toxic mold attorney is aware of the harmful effects of exposure to toxic mold. Many injuries can be caused by toxic mold exposure, from various sinus-related issues to breathing complications like asthma and skin irritation like eczema. In some cases, victims of toxic mold have even died as a result of the exposure.

Mold can grow in many settings, but some mold is much more dangerous than others. Identifying toxic mold, as opposed to mold that is relatively harmless, is not an easy task, especially since most people have no formal training on how to do so. Even more frightening is the fact that sometimes the most harmful types of mold grow inside pipes or walls, where no one even sees it. Unfortunately, it is not always easy or possible for the average person to detect the presence of mold in his or her home. Even when people are able to discover it, they do not always recognize the dangers associated with particular types of mold. In many cases, only a toxic mold inspector can accurately determine whether mold is present and how harmful exposure to it might be.

Sometimes, when moving into a new apartment or house, the walls can appear to be clean and mold-free when, in reality, the toxic mold has simply been covered over with bleach or paint. You may not actually realize how harmful the air you are breathing is for months or even years, and by then it may be too late. Moreover, the home is not the only place where one could potentially be exposed to harmful mold spores. Toxic mold may also be present in your workplace. Mold can grow in the walls, ceilings, or even in the ventilation systems of work buildings. You may not realize that your building is contaminated until the mold has already affected your health.

If you have contracted a disease or suffered some kind of complication or injury, and you think that it may be the result of an exposure to toxic mold, you should seek medical treatment immediately so that a doctor can assess the potential dangers for you and others in your environment. It is particularly important to come forward if you have legitimate suspicions of toxic mold problems, because by so doing you may play a valuable role in warning others of the potential danger. Of course if dangerous mold is present it often harms all those exposed to it.

The law demands that those responsible for maintaining various building, including work spaces, hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities ensure that these areas remain safe for those inside. That often means that owners and operators can be held legally liable for those injured by mold in their facility. The legal implications of toxic mold exposure makes it important for all those affected to visit with an experienced legal professional to learn how the law applies in their case. If it occurs in our area, please be sure to call our office as soon as possible to set up an appointment with our West Palm Beach toxic mold lawyer to discuss your case. We can walk you through the legal issues and help you figure out who is responsible for your illness and how to hold them accountable. Florida places limitations on how long you have to file a suit after you have sustained an injury, so call us today to make sure that you preserve your opportunity to get the compensation to which you are entitled.

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