What are some insurance tactics that could be used to stall or deny my claim?

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What are some insurance tactics that could be used to stall or deny my claim?In general, dealing with insurance companies after an accident is akin to going down a one way street with your blinders on. This is because the insurance adjuster is hoping that you will give him or her details about what happened that could damper your legal rights and pay you less than what you deserve, or nothing at all.

Realistically you should retain a personal injury lawyer Delray Beach FL trusts as soon as possible; however, if you choose not to do so right away and have dealt with the insurance company, watch out for these tactics. If any of them are relevant to your situation, call Eric H. Luckman, P.A. immediately. However, it is recommended that you should contact a personal injury lawyer from the start for advice about what you should do next.

  1. The adjuster has not called you within 7 days of the accident. If you haven’t heard from the insurance adjuster within about one week of your accident, it could indicate that the company ignoring your claim, the other party had no insurance, or does not have enough staff on hand. By working with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Delray Beach, they can handle contacting the adjuster on your behalf to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  1. The adjuster is refusing to put anything in writing. An adjuster should provide you with a letterhead that identifies who they are and who they are working for. It should also include the policy number and other important details.
  1. The adjuster is not letting you know what the policy limits are. If you talk to the adjuster, you should ask them to include the policy limits in writing. If they refuse or redirect your question, talk with a Delray Beach personal injury lawyer.
  1. The adjuster is not saying anything about the liable party being at fault. You can ask the adjuster for a written letter which states the liable party was at fault. If they decline, or say something along the basis of the liable party not actually being liable, ask him or her to explain this in writing.
  1. The adjuster would like to record you. You should decline any request to record what you are saying. It is possible for you to be misled, to misunderstand something, or to give the wrong answer. All of which could cost you money. A recorded statement can be used against you; you should not take any chance. If you are being asked to be recorded, it is recommended to contact a personal injury lawyer located in Delray Beach.
  1. The adjuster is asking you to sign a medical release. Most insurance companies will ask you to sign a general release. This allows them to obtain more information about what happened. Before you sign anything, it is advisable to talk with a personal injury lawyer to ensure you’re not signing away your rights.
  1. The adjuster would like their doctor to examine your injuries or illness. Before you agree to the insurance company’s doctor to examine you, talk with a lawyer. There could be many legal traps that you might find yourself in, if you agree to this.
  1. The adjuster is surprising you with home visits. The adjuster should be scheduling visits with you rather than surprising you. The purpose of the surprise is likely to attempt to catch you doing something that hurts your claim. If they show up unannounced, don’t talk with them and ask them to schedule an appointment.

Trying to navigate a claim on your own may not be a good idea. It is recommended that you obtain the personal injury lawyer Delray Beach FL calls first to receive advice and to work with you to receive the compensation you may be owed. Contact Eric H. Luckman, P.A., today for a consultation.